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Kundalini reiki is a vibration of healing that works on the mind, body and spirit. A treatment gives you the sensation of feeling calm, supported, relaxed, and peaceful.

Reiki heals the aura, chakra and energy causing pain, blockages or issues. It also releases stress, emotional blockages, negativity, balances the body’s energy, helps with pain and anxiety, and accelerates natural healing. For those on a personal journey, it can connect you more spiritually creating more peace within and emotional tranquility and push you towards finding purpose. Kundalini Reiki is a tool for Ascension, where one moves to a higher state of consciousness. Your vibration changes energetically and you start to experience more love in your life and react less from fear and ego.  


30 min- $45 

60min- $80


Add on 15 min Crown Treatment- $20

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