Hello Gorgeous! I'm Cece Gayo,  owner and stylist behind Soulstice Hair & Healing. Having 3 kids I know first hand how nice it is to have a some time to ourselves for a little self care. That is why I have created my salon space to be peaceful, serene, and relaxing. No other stylists, clients, blowdryers, or phones ringing. Just myself and my client uninterrupted for the entire appointment.

      Growing up with a mother who was a hairstylist, I feel in love with her job. She always made women look and feel so beautiful and I admired her so much for it.  The relationships she made were so special and I remember thinking "Wow I would love to have a job like that". I feel blessed everyday to be able to have a career I am so passionate about.

      Did I mention I am a Reiki Master? I'm excited to also offer healing services in addition to hair. From energy healing, cleansings, and crystal work I love to incorporate my healing services as needed. You know those days where you wake up and just feel bleh or you're just in a funk? Sometimes you need a nice reset energetically to release all the stagnant energy you're holding onto. 

       When I'm not at the salon you can find me with my husband, Jim, and our three crazy kids, Mason, Hazel and Fiona. We are always looking for fun local events to take the kids to. We are music lovers and we love to travel to music festivals with our whole gang. That is where you can find me hula hooping with some fancy tricks.

I have been told my optimism and positive energy is contagious. What can I say? I love good vibes and I love to spread them!


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